Time Travel and Backwards Causation

Recent Talks

“Closed Time-like Curves Require Revisions of Laws” with Gerard Milburn, at the Workshop on Probability and Time Travel, University of Sydney, November 2014.

“Who put the ‘Cause’ in Retrocausality?”at Free Will and Retrocausality in the Quantum World Conference, Trinity College, Cambridge, July 2014.

“2000 Years of Eternal Return” La Asociación de Filosofía e Historia de la Ciencia del Cono Sur (AFHIC) Conference, Santiago, October 2012.

“A and B Theories of Closed Time” Time and Explanation Conference, University of Geneva, September 2011.

“If I Hadn’t Pressed That Button: Lewis on Time Travel and Counterfactuals” American Philosophical Association Central Division meeting in Chicago, February 18-21, 2009.

“Philosophical Theories of Time meet Quantum Gravity” at The Clock and the Quantum: Time in Quantum Foundations, Perimeter Institute, September 2008. Audio/video


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